We Believe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Crucial To Your Digital Online Presence.  We Partner With You To Build A Successful SEO Campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Gulfport, MS

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental for your website's growth. In order to receive visibility on search engines, such as Google, you need to have an SEO strategy.  When you choose a website design package with us, for instance, we guide you every step of the way by educating you on basic SEO practices.

You may be familiar with the term "SEO" and if you so, chances are, you might have heard the negative connotations that surround it.  We understand why;  Often times these "SEO" companies will contact your business, over-promise and under-deliver.  These companies use cookie cutter processes for every business whether it's a bakery or attorney's office.  These practices never work because search engine's are smarter than they've ever been before.  They're now smart enough to know whether your content is feeding or starving the community.  In exchange, Google will reward or penalize you based on how you treat your SEO.

Search Engines Are Not The Enemy

Have you ever done a search on Google and got frustrated because the information it was feeding you wasn't good results?  Google hates this.  Google wants to provide you close to perfect results within 1 - 2 searches.  A lot of SEO companies treat Google like an enemy and use terms to their customers like, "Here's how we're going to beat Google".  If an SEO company ever uses terms like this, their probably using what's called, "Black Hat" SEO and you should tell them to have a good day and run.  This basically means they're trying to use tactics that cheat search engines in order to get your website to #1 which more times than not, gets you banned or blacklisted from Google.  You can come back from this, but, it's very difficult.

Puffer Web Studios uses safe and Google-Friendly SEO practices that will naturally rank your website.  We understand and believe in the processes Google has put into place.  Their processes help save time by providing fast, accurate information.  We value this and make sure our clients share their information accurately so they can naturally rank in Google.

Cost of Our SEO Services

Our services are completely unique in that we only take one client per keyword in their city.  For example, if you own a Gym in Gulfport, MS and you hire us, you will be our only Gym client in Gulfport, MS.  We do this because we don't believe it's a good practice to compete with ourselves in the same industry.  We understand some SEO companies do this but when you come on board with us, we believe, especially with SEO, we're partnering with your business.

Our unique SEO packages start at $500 a month.  We'll sit with you personally over a cup of coffee (or tea if that's your jam) and discuss your needs.  If you're a great fit for our company (and vice versa) we would love to partner with you.  While other companies want to throw shade to their processes, we invite you in and explain everything we're doing and invite you in to help as well because this is a partnership!


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