We are a full service web design company representing South Mississippi.  We specialize in site design, graphic design, writing unique content, & Search Engine Optimation (SEO) for your website.

Web Design

For the past 20 years, I've dedicated my business life to Web Design in Gulfport, MS.  I've worked for financial institutions, e-Commerce businesses, manufacturing companies, web design companies, and multiple side projects ranging from lawn care to dietary supplement weight loss companies.  If you have a business I've probably built a website around your niche.

What 20 years has taught me is that web development is more than putting images together while throwing in some text and sprinkling in a few pages and links.  Let's be honest; you have a cousin or friend of an in-law that can build that website.  You've done that, spent $300 on it, and a few month's later you have a website that doesn't generate a single lead and have no idea if anyone, besides you and the cousin, has ever visited the website.

I've talked to people who go through this process several times before they get professional web design help. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. At this point they've spent over $1,000 and when they do finally reach out to an experienced web developer, they've run their domain name through the mud in Google's eyes.  This person now has an uphill battle which results in extra work to prove to google you are an authority.

Why Websites Are Important And Why Your Business Needs One

Simply put, if your business doesn't have a website, you're leaving money on the table.  In fact, your strongest competition knows this.  Honestly.  Take a quick pause and do a search on your niche and enter the words 'near me' behind it in Google.  You shouldn't be surprised to see a host of locals doing what you do, a few national listings, and some paid google ads.  Do you know how much that first page listing is worth to your business?  I promise your competitors who showed up on the first page does.  Depending on your business niche' that one link could be worth $1,000's and sometimes millions. (Just ask Amazon!) A business owner, especially in my hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi, can't leave that kind of money lying around and that's exactly what you're doing when you're not even in the game.

Another reason you need a website is because no one knows your business better than you.  Why would you leave others to answer questions about your industry when you could quite possibly answer them better?  Your business may have the best answer to a solution.  When you write blogs and educate the community concerning your niche' you become what's known as an authority in your niche' online.  If you become an authority, Google will begin to reward your efforts by moving you closer and closer to the top of page one.

One of the most important reasons your business needs a website is NAP.  This is an acronym for: Name, Address, Phone Number.  Displaying your NAP on your website will give you a thumbs up from Google. Your information will begin showing up in relevant searches to leads and potential customers to people in your area searching for what you specialize in.  Having NAP on your website could make you a substantial amount of money on leads that you've been missing out on.

According to the article, 2019 Small Business Website Statistics You Need To Know To Stay Ahead of the Digital Curve, by Top Digital Agency, of the small businesses that have websites, 69% of them are having annual sales of $1,000,000 - $2,490,000.  Those are huge numbers, and after working for a few small companies who take websites seriously, I can attest that this is 100% true.

Professional Website VS. WIX: What's The Difference

This is a great question I get asked a lot.  Not everyone is ready for a website built by professionals.  WIX is a build it yourself solution and while I don't always recommend WIX, I do occasionally!  The difference between WIX and a professional website is expertise.  It's why a competitor can be knocking it out of the park with their website & you're left scratching your head wondering why you're not getting traffic.  When a website is built from scratch professionally it will out-perform the one built with WIX by a secretary in the office who took a web class once in high school.

Who I Recommend WIX To

Let's say last night you had a great idea about a business or maybe you've had this idea for a while.  You wake up in the morning, full of motivation, and feel it's time to get started.  There's no business plan but you really would like to start somewhere so you feel a website is the first step.

Who Needs A Professional Website

If you're a business owner who's been open for over 6 months, then it's time to invest in a professional website if you haven't done so.  You would never hire your uncle to represent you in court who isn't a lawyer, so why would you employ a staff member with no prior web design skills to build your website on WIX?

Your business will, unfortunately,  suffer due to poor communication and a web design that's flawed.  Think about the times you've visited websites that are poorly designed.  It's like leaving trash on the floor of your business lobby.  You can't run quick enough out the door and Google is smart enough to understand what's going on.  So in turn, the website will never rank.

Our Budget is $500 For Web Development

While we hate to turn down customers, at this budget we wouldn't be a good fit for you and couldn't take you on as a client.  Our starter web design package starts at $1,000 while our average website sells for around $3,400.  We charge a premium because we spend a lot of time with our clients making sure we deliver a website that will be a good foundation for their information that their website can stand on for a lifetime.  Sure, your design will change but everything else will stay the same with some growth along the way.

We also know that your ROI (return on investment) will most likely profit you more than what you paid on your website in the first year.  When a good foundation is laid, just like in a house, you'll only be doing  maintenance every few years.  Your website will continue to work for you if you build a solid website with a web design company like us.

Gulfport MS Web Design

We offer full service websites that are personalized for you.  We understand our clients are unique so we'll never apply cookie-cutter processes to your website.


  • Face to Face or Zoom Meeting
  • WordPress Template Design
  • 4 Pages
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media Integration
  • 4 Unique Stock Images
  • 2 Revisions
  • Contact Form

GOLD (Popular)

  • All Features In Essentials
  • Face to Face or Zoom Meeting
  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • Up To 6 Pages
  • Google Analytics
  • 6 Unique Stock Images
  • 3 Revisions
  • XML Site Map


$ 5,000+
  • All Features in Essentials
  • 4 Hour Brainstorming Session
  • 3 Page Mock Up
  • Photography Session
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3 Hour Training Session
  • Mailing List Setup
  • 1 Unique Mailing List Template
  • Up to 10 Unique Pages
  • 3 Pages of Professional Written Content

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